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Who We Are

Created in 2019, our primary goal is to give Premium Members an edge to the competition. We have developed forum that is like no other. It is an open platform for discussion of newly discovered and current working addons, toolbox, cheats, mods, and methods – taking advantage of unintended features within the game. Premium Members will gain access to the Top Tier Premium Members Only pages (within the forums) that houses a trove of unknown, undetected, and game-breaking secrets that cannot be found anywhere else on the web.

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Safety First

All Premium Subscriber’s can rest assured that the tools provided to the user are safe and easy to use, having been tested thousands and thousands of hours. If you would like additional information of how it works or what is being provided, please reach out to a moderator. But you have made it here, trust us, take the leap and we will show you just how great you can become. Unleash your inner beast, you will not regret it.

Live Support

We pride ourselves on the customer support provided to all users and folks within the community. At any time, users can reach a moderator for support 24/7, 365 support. However, most general questions can be answered by reviewing the in depth FAQ section. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you on your magical journey through the world of addons, toolbox, cheats, mods, and methods unknown by anyone but our members.

Daily Updates

The developers are constantly working to ensure everything works better than flawless - we strive for perfection. The team quickly and resolutely investigates and amends any bug reports with an internal customized rapid ticketing system. New features have been implemented to perfect the general aesthetic of these tools for the user’s pleasure. Our team loves what they do and promises the community the ultimate and most enjoyable gaming experience. We are interested in your feedback as our daily users input is what makes our product that much better. If you have a suggestion or have something to report, please post it on the forums under the appropriate section (Suggestions / Bug Report). You helping us will benefit you.
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